Bat Ye'Or

Europe, Globalization, and the coming of the Universal Caliphate


The Muslim imperialists are surely doing their thing well. Their thing being the stealthy but unstoppable infiltration of the non-Muslim nations in the West with the ultimate aim being to achieve control of our destinies, our lives and our freedoms. The trademark of their craft is called victimization: this consists of accusing the Western countries of all kinds of politically incorrect names which are, or rather should be, applicable to the Muslim nations themselves. Racist, intolerant of diversity, totalitarian as to individual freedoms, war-mongers... Every thing they spit on Western countries through their well-paid organizations embedded in the UN and such is exactly what they are.

The factor that so smoothly paves the way for this marketing success of horror is the leeway afforded by the absence of democracy in the Muslim nations: Totalitarianism is so plain normal throughout Islam that nobody even bothers to point their finger at this abnormality of the 21st century. So we have this awkward situation: the devil (so to speak their language) claiming to be ill-treated by God and His angels, unfairly.

The great abnormality is indeed that in this day and time still many nations and millions of people therein lack all elemental freedoms, of opinion, of religion, of the Press; freedoms that make up one's own individual dignity, for man and woman; in the case of women it's such a terrible state, for Christ's sake! How can this still be today? The 21st century and still millions of people being ruled by religious nuts? It's like the old Inquisition, only even worse because the means of torture and social control have been updated enormously. The status of women in Muslim dictatorships makes one normal person vomit.

This book bring to mind the contrast between what these hordes of petro-millionaires and religious fanatics claim to be and what they really are. The worse thing is that IT IS THEY WHO ACCUSE US of being guilty of all crimes. They have used the European Union, that bureaucratic conclave of good-for-nothings, to their advantage. We are so soft and afraid to play tough in front of our left-wing West-haters, anti-Christian communists and anti-semite socialists, that we give in to everything they demand. We pay, we obey; they let us live, a little longer.

The nation who plays the bad boy in this sickening story is -of course, as always- Israel. God bless Israel, if only because they are the absolute target of this demented and dangerous crowd of Jihadist lunatics. That alone should deserve them our respect and protection. If the guys who don't respect the life or any kind of individual freedoms of their citizen-slaves are against Israel, then Israel must be right.

What comes out clearly, though it is only indirectly pointed at in this book, is the dangerous lack of democratic rule within the big world organizations like the UN. Organizations such as this work detached from the peoples that foot their bills and whom they allegedly represent. They are loose and easily grabbed by the Muslim haters and their stuffed petro-wallets.

Muslims have infiltrated Western bodies, organizations and policies. They have infiltrated their masses into our societies, but they still want to control them, even within our European borders. They won't let them quit their evil religion and turn atheist or Christian or Buddhist. They still want to be in control within our own countries. They want to tell us how to govern ourselves. And we let them. The book explains how and why. It is no essay. It is just a book that you cannot refute because of all the data that clearly add up to the eye-opening conclusion: we can't play dumb for much longer. Sooner or later we'll be doomed, just like they almost made Spain Muslim (the longest war in history) and came to Vienna, their Western limits, they are here again, smoothly but surely. Dhimmitude is a term you should be acquainted with before you turn a dhimmi yourself soon.

"Es cierto que el Romano es libre de hacer todo lo que quiera. Pero también lo es que tiene que soportar las consecuencias de sus actos. No importa que se haya equivocado, que le hayan engañado o incluso forzado: un hombre no se deja forzar: etiamsi coactus, attamen voluit. Es libre; pero si distraído, imprudente o atontado, prometió pagar una determinada cantidad y no puede pagarla, se convierte en esclavo de su acreedor."

Rudolph von Ihering

“Slavery, protection, and monopoly find defenders, not only in those who profit by them, but in those who suffer by them.”

Frédéric Bastiat

On the true nature of the Castro Revolution in Cuba: "The revolution was a cover for committing atrocities without the slightest vestige of guilt ... we were young and irresponsible. We were pirates. We formed our own caste ... we belonged to and believed in nothing -no religion, no flag, no morality or principle. It's fortunate we didn't win, because if we had, we would have drowned the continent in barbarism."

Jorge Masetti -In the Pirate's Den

La anarquía, es decir, la ausencia de fuerza estatal, no es una forma de Estado, y cualquiera que acabe con ella por el medio que sea, el usurpador nacional o el conquistador extranjero, rinde un servicio a la sociedad. Es un salvador, un bienhechor, porque la forma más insoportable de Estado es la ausencia de Estado.

Rudolph von Ihering

"El envidioso está afligido no solo por sus males propios, sino por los bienes de los demás."  -Hipias

[la norma de conducta de los progres] "No hacer nada que alguien pueda envidiarme." -Hipasos




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