Tom White

God´s Missiles Over Cuba: The Tom White Story


Tom White is the director of the Christian organization, and magazine, Voices of the Martyrs. In 1979 he was captured by the Cuban G-2, equivalent of the Soviet KGB, after dropping Christian leaflets from a little airplane. He was tortured and kept in prison for 17 months. His ordeal, no worse than many others, is told in this great little book.

We witness world history in the human flesh of its victims, citizens who claim their fpersonal freedom. God says give God what is God's and Caesar what is Caesar's. And that should draw the line pretty well. We are not to worship any other god, not Marx, not Castro, not any ideology. Tom White is American, but many Cubans were imprisoned (see Armando Valladares' book also), are imprisoned for being truthful to their faith. In matters of faith we are to hold Him above anything and anybody else, and we know we do good because our God is the God of love and truth. Tom White's weapons were the true Word of God. His testimony is an example, an encouragement for us, comfortable Westerners, to do our part, at least to pray more consistently for those who have taken upon themselves the hardest jobs of our faith: to take the gospel to the countries where evil has intoxicated the minds of many people.

"It occurred to me that Westerners truly want to believe the best of people. While this is an admirable trait, when carried to the extreme it becomes willful ignorance." (p.65) Wise advice.

"I'm talking about a meticulously prepared doctrine of atheistic, dialectical materialism, which the faithful must place above wives, children, even their own lives. Is that not a religion?"

The willful ignorants should notice: "All medicine must be purchased after the 'free' treatment. Even low-grade vitamins cost a days's wages."

Tom quotes Richard Wurmbrand's book on Marx. Especially Marx's poems. Here is his 'The Pale Maiden':
"Thus heaven I've forfeited,
I know it full well
My soul, once true to God
Is chosen for hell." (p.134)

Here's one the grand laws of Castro:
"Dissemination of 'false news or malicious predictions tending to cause alarm or discontent in the populace' is punishable by one to four years' deprivation of liberty or six to fifteen years if it occurs through the mass media." How well do Socialists know the importance of the media upon the 'populace' (mind: not citizens).

Castro eventually let Tom out for a ransom. You know, money is money after all. This story is not, and will never be, outdated. Castro's regime has millions of Cubans grabbed by the neck. But Christianity cannot be defeated by Castros nor by the devil hiumself, because it's God's plan for salvation. Persecution only helps to separate more clearly -and painfully- while here on earth, between God's elected and those who willingly refuse to accept Jesus Christ. An inspiring and spiritually strengthening book. A wonderful read.

"Es cierto que el Romano es libre de hacer todo lo que quiera. Pero también lo es que tiene que soportar las consecuencias de sus actos. No importa que se haya equivocado, que le hayan engañado o incluso forzado: un hombre no se deja forzar: etiamsi coactus, attamen voluit. Es libre; pero si distraído, imprudente o atontado, prometió pagar una determinada cantidad y no puede pagarla, se convierte en esclavo de su acreedor."

Rudolph von Ihering

“Slavery, protection, and monopoly find defenders, not only in those who profit by them, but in those who suffer by them.”

Frédéric Bastiat

On the true nature of the Castro Revolution in Cuba: "The revolution was a cover for committing atrocities without the slightest vestige of guilt ... we were young and irresponsible. We were pirates. We formed our own caste ... we belonged to and believed in nothing -no religion, no flag, no morality or principle. It's fortunate we didn't win, because if we had, we would have drowned the continent in barbarism."

Jorge Masetti -In the Pirate's Den

La anarquía, es decir, la ausencia de fuerza estatal, no es una forma de Estado, y cualquiera que acabe con ella por el medio que sea, el usurpador nacional o el conquistador extranjero, rinde un servicio a la sociedad. Es un salvador, un bienhechor, porque la forma más insoportable de Estado es la ausencia de Estado.

Rudolph von Ihering

"El envidioso está afligido no solo por sus males propios, sino por los bienes de los demás."  -Hipias

[la norma de conducta de los progres] "No hacer nada que alguien pueda envidiarme." -Hipasos




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